Thursday, 18 April 2013

Day 40

Exciting day today dear Reader, today I met Chris Evans; James May; Professor Brian Cox; and Gary Barlow! All for a fantastic cause too for breast cancer. It was Chris Evans' idea to drive a pink Rolls Royce FAB 1 from Lands End to John O' Groats stopping off in Birmingham and Warrington! 

Now Master L is a big Top Gear fan and I thought he would love to meet James May. As usual here in Warrington it had to rain. But we did not care we were right at the back of the stage and it was a great experience. I had said to the hubby if any of the guys talk to me can you take a photo because I don't want to bother them for a photo. So first Chris Evans came over and said hello and was very friendly and chatty. Then Gary Barlow! I could not believe he was stood right in front of me chatting and then Professor Brian Cox came over he was the most chatty. They were all really friendly. We just got a wave from James May who I think was shy :(

Gary then took to the stage and played the keyboard  and sang Back for Good. I could have reached out and touched him we were that close. Of course, dear Reader I had no intentions of reaching out and touching him! Just saying so you know how close we were! 

It all went by so fast and what great guys they are giving up their time for a great cause and helping to raise not only money but awareness too for breast cancer. A huge thank you to them.

Want to see some photos dear Reader?

Nice view from back stage
Our special guests arrive

Professor Brian Cox came straight over to talk to the crowd

James May and the Professor again!

Gary singing Back for Good live

Professor Brian Cox again!

And again with James May and Gary Barlow!

 Chris Evans

I was this close to Gary Barlow! This was taken just before he spoke to me. I had said to the Hubby if any of them come over for a chat can you take a photo of me chatting to them. But no he didn't saying his hands were too cold!

Over here James. Please come over for a chat Master L is a massive Top Gear Fan!

Hello again Professor Brian! He was lovely gave a lot of his time to chat.

And to give pictures

Chris Evans doing his thing!

And Professor Brian joining in!

Leaving so soon
Evening all x x x


  1. I think I would have had a little touch, Nikki. Gently, mind! Haw, haw! Love it! Great pics. :) xx

  2. Thanks Sheryl. He did touch my hand though when he was talking to me!!